CCTV & Video Surveillance

IntelliTech has unparalleled expertise in designing and installing CCTV security systems from simple video surveillance systems for small shops and business premises to large complex projects such as urban traffic management systems, town center surveillance systems and high profile buildings.

Utilizing the latest in CCTV security technology, Video Analytics, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), High Definition cameras and IP (Internet Protocol) based CCTV equipment IntelliTech is delivery solutions that are at the leading edge of CCTV camera technology, offering video surveillance solutions that are tailor made to meet our customers exacting requirements, ensuring that the system provides effective safety and security and delivers a clear return on investment. 

CCTV Cameras

Day/Night - During daylight hours the camera provides colour images and when it gets dark automatically switches to monochrome operation.

High Definition - These can be used to capture very fine detail such as sleight of hand thefts and can reduce the number of cameras required. They allow digitally zooming whilst maintaining resolution.

Thermal Imaging - These cameras can be used for detecting intruders over long distances (up to 4k) from the camera in zero light or poor weather conditions.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) - PTZ cameras can be remotely controlled by an operator to follow a particular suspect or zoom into an area.  They can also be programmed to be operated by alarm sensors;  for example when a door is opened the camera automatically pans, tilts and zooms onto the door to capture the event.

When fire strikes your business, you must be able to react immediately. IntelliTech’s fire and smoke detection systems can identify the signs of a fire at the earliest possible stages and can pinpoint its location across large premises. Different sensors detect a variety of fire situations from fast flaming blazes to slow, smouldering fires that can release poisonous gases. They can help you to reduce the risk of injury or death to employees and visitors as well as minimise damage to your property and disruption to your operations.  

See Your Business More Clearly

You can now manage visual information anytime. Our experienced sales representatives can help you design a solution customized to meet your current company needs.Choose from our full line of commercial video surveillance systems and services:

Video Security Cameras: IntelliTech carries a full line of video cameras and lenses (size and type) for your different surveillance needs. We also carry specialty cameras, such as infrared, low-light, megapixel, IP and night vision cameras.

Digital Video Recorders: IntelliTech has a solution for your digital recording needs for analog based video systems ranging from 4 to 16 channel units. These systems are programmable and offer such features as motion detection and smart search capabilities.

Hybrid Video Recorders: Providing an ideal solution for businesses migrating to an IP platform.Monitors: Choose from a full line of monitor types, sizes, resolutions and formats to include LCD, flat panel and touch-screen capabilities.

Benefits of Digital Video Surveillance

>>> Accessibility - Video surveillance can give you the ability to quickly and easily view access events in multiple areas of your facility.

>>> Profitability - With video surveillance, you can have greater control over loss. It may also help lower liability and insurance costs.

>>> Productivity - Video surveillance can discourage workplace violence, harassment and poor customer service.

>>> Reliability - Digital video recorders and Network video recorders (DVR/NVR) mean no more broken or worn-out tapes, and no more costly maintenance.

>>> Improved picture quality - DVR/NVR deliver sharper images, with no loss of quality over time.

>>> Enhanced capabilities - DVR/NVR allow you to store more information using less space. Plus, events captured with DVR/NVR can easily be downloaded, recorded to a CD-ROM or duplicated when an additional copy is required.

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